Suki Earrings

Suki Earrings


The Suki earrings are made from 3D printed nylon and are painted with acrylic paint. They are fabulously light-weight and are incredibly comfortable to wear all day as statement earrings.

The earrings have a lovely smooth curve and hang from your ears on sterling silver wire. 

The Suki Earrings are designed under the Japanese tenet of Suki: the aesthetic of adventure in the unconventional, finding beauty and delight in the unorthodox. 

3D Printed Nylon, acrylic paint and sterling silver wire

4.5cm high, 3.5cm long and 1.3cm wide


This piece is handmade utilising 3D printing techniques.  All items are handmade to order unless indicated

Please allow 10-14 working days for your piece to be made prior to shipping.  

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